Instagram Username Availability

Instagram is growing very fast, with almost 800 million monthly active users. As a result, many good Instagram usernames are already taken. In this article, we'll discuss which Instagram usernames are available and which ones are already taken. Furthermore, if an Instagram username you want is taken, we'll tell you some avenues you can explore to try to get it!

1. 3 Letter Instagram Usernames

Sorry, but 3 letter IG usernames are taken. We recently ran a study and found no available short IG handles. You may be able to buy one, but expect to pay a premium. People and brands love 3 letter usernames because they are especially easy to remember. For handles that are especially memorable or spell a word (think "boo", "cat", "dog", "why", "lol", etc.) expect to pay a very heavy premium. That being said, if you want any 3 letter Instagram username it may be possible to get something like "qgm" for a better price. Remember that Instagram is growing very fast, so these prices are going up almost every day.

2. 4 Letter Instagram Usernames

Right below 3 letter handles is 4 letter handles. Of course, these are all also taken according to our latest analysis. It may be possible to buy one, but it will still be very hard. There are more words with 4 letters than 3 letters, so you need to keep that in mind. Also, while we say that all 4 letter handles are taken, keep in mind that we tested all 4 letter Instagram usernames with numbers and the allowed punctuation as well, so we're quite confident that there are no 4 letter instagram usernames in 2017.

3. 5 Letter Instagram Usernames

There are well over 60 Million possible 5 letter Instagram usernames. You guessed it, many of the good ones are already taken. We were not able to conduct an analysis on all the different combinations, but many of the ones we did test were taken. We'd recommend trying some 5 letter instagram usernames, but if necessary add a few letters. It'll make it more likely that you'll be able to get what you're looking for and also keep the name memorable. People not only remember letters, but they also can remember words (or really anything where they can recognize a pattern).

4. Longer Usernames

Don't be afraid to choose a longer username that makes sense for you or your brand. People are always looking for shorter Instagram handles, but at the end of they day if you have memorable content or a memorable brand people will still find and follow you. If you think of some of the largest Instagram accounts with the most followers, the usernames are definitely not 3, 4, or 5 letters long. Don't stress about finding the perfect username. Instead, focus more on your content quality and post frequency.

Sure, a lot of Instagram usernames are already taken, but there are still many, many more available. Rather than trying to find the perfect one, just choose one and make it perfect with your brand and your content. You can also read our tips on choosing a good Instagram username. Otherwise, you can use our Instagram username checker to find the perfect name for your or your brand!

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